Buyers - Here’s a look at the process.

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Step 1

When you are ready to purchase a home, you’ll want to start by getting together with our team at your earliest convenience. A meeting with the team will help you determine many things before we start looking at homes together. We’ll get our finger on the pulse of what you are looking for, make sure you are aware of the process from start to finish, go over the paperwork and get started on your search.

step 2

Call your lender (we can provide some great local recommendations if you aren’t sure where to begin) and get pre-approved. This step is important. It tells us what “shopping rack’” we’ll be looking on for your home.

step 3

The fun begins! We’ll help you through showings, offers and all that comes with it and if we’ve done our jobs right, you’ll get keys to unlock the doors to your new home.